Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh Abe G (OAG)

Kampung Scouser-Abe G telah mendedahkan betapa hancur remuknya hati beliau dengan perpindahan El Nino ke Chelsea.Beliau sebagai dipetik berkata,

"I was heartbroken. Absolutely gutted. But I also called him after he left,'' Gerrard told the Daily Mail. "There are no hard feelings. I built up a relationship with Fernando and became his friend. He scored some fantastic goals and I have fantastic memories. I enjoyed playing with him. So you can't go from one extreme to another and fall out with him, start criticising him. But he will also understand how I feel. Fernando is a bright person and he will understand that the Liverpool fans are upset as well.''

Oh..betapa indahnya memori mereka di Anfield..

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